How to Become a Member

Membership Process

We are currently accepting new or renewed annual memberships for 2021. Here are the steps involved to submit your application online:
Membership form
Fill out our 2021 Membership form online to receive an email confirmation to proceed to subscription payment.
Membership form
Create Account
Once you have received our email you can then proceed to create your account with your username and password.
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Online Payment
You will receive a new account confirmation. You may then proceed to purchase your subscription.
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Applying or renewing your membership

Secure your membership first

Annual Membership to the Speech and Drama Teachers of Ireland must be paid and approved before any other services proposed on our website can be purchased.

So, to apply or renew your yearly membership with us, simply fill out the form on this webpage.

Online applications

From this January, you may apply for membership, login and complete online payments for Speech and Drama Teachers of Ireland Events:

  • Membership needs to be renewed for this new year 2021
  • Members can then login to our website to purchase events
  • Purchases are confirmed by email

Apply for or Renew your Membership below

Following completion of your application form you will be sent an e-mail with further instructions:

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